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Neurosciences and Cognitive Health

Dr William Bor

Dr William Bor is the Director of Kids in Mind Research. He is a practicing child and adolescent psychiatrist.

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Dr Paul Dawson

Dr Dawson is recognised internationally as a leader in the area of sulfate transport research. 

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Professor Geoff Faulkner

Dr Faulkner has published 31 peer-reviewed articles (more than 4,600 citations, h-index 22), the majority in top-tier journals, and received grant funding totalling $7M.

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Associate Professor Honey Heussler

Developmental and Behavioural Paediatrician with a dual qualification in Sleep Medicine

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Dr Dhanisha Jhaveri

Dr Dhanisha Jhaveri completed her PhD from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in India in 2003 and joined the laboratory of Prof Perry Bartlett at the Queensland Brain Institute as a Human Frontiers Science Program postdoctoral fellow. Here she initiated studies that examined the effects of clinical antidepressants on adult neural stem cells and provided the first demonstration of a subclass of clinical antidepressants activating quiescent stem cells via a novel pathway.

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