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Mater Researchers to share knowledge of consumer engagement

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Mater Researchers to share knowledge of consumer engagement Two Mater Researchers will be heading off to Spain in mid-June, to showcase Mater’s expertise in implementing evidence into practice and integrating families in care.

Director of the Evidence in Practice Unit Kathryn Kynoch and Nurse Researcher Sonia Hines will be attending the 13th International Family Nursing Conference at the University of Navarra, Pamplona from 14-17 June to present a pre-conference workshop on implementing evidence to meet the needs of families.

After submitting an application to present at the conference, Kathryn and Sonia’s workshop was chosen as one of six from an overwhelming number of applications.

Kathryn said the workshop was aimed at demonstrating Mater’s advanced capabilities in the area of meeting the needs of families.

“Our workshop aims to introduce the attendees to the wonderful world of implementing research evidence into practice specifically focused on meeting the needs of families in the healthcare context.

“We will explore the principles involved in evidence implementation, understanding the influence of the clinical context on successful practice change, introduce a range of implementation strategies targeted at families and discuss methods for evaluating successful practice changes.

“The workshop is designed for all levels and participants will take part in discussions and small group exercises to develop their knowledge and skills in evidence implementation to meet the needs of families,” Kathryn said.
The workshop aims to enable the attendees to:
  • use a process-driven approach to identify a clinical practice problem involving families
  • understand the relationship between clinical context and barriers and facilitators to the implementation of family-centred care
  • formulate implementation strategies to meet the needs of families relevant to the specific clinical context
  • understand methods for evaluating practice changes following the implementation of strategies to meet the needs of families.

“Conference attendees will include researchers, clinicians, educators and students and we’re looking forward to raising the profile of Mater with this audience as well as networking with them to bring back knowledge and ideas that we can share with our colleagues,” Kathryn said.

Kathryn and Sonia received funding from the Mater Staff Education Fund to attend this event.

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