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An investment in medical research is an investment for the future.

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Scientists at Mater Research have a commitment to pursuing medical innovation through research which has benefits for men, women and children everywhere, and puts Mater at the forefront of health care and medical science. With your support Mater Research can continue its charter into the future.

Mater Research would like to thank all of their supporters who contribute to medical research.

Mater Foundation

Mater Foundation is the non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of health care and medical research in and beyond the Queensland community. Mater Foundation aims to promote, engage and steward philanthropic support to fund clinical care, education and research for the prevention and treatment of disease in people of all ages.

Donations made through Mater Foundation support a significant proportion of Mater Research's costs, allowing our world-renowned research team to continue to find better ways to diagnose, treat and ultimately cure life-threatening diseases.

There are several ways you can provide support through Mater Foundation. You can:

To get involved in the work of Mater Foundation, contact the team on 1800 440 155 or via foundation@mater.org.au

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials

Mater Research is looking for volunteers willing to donate blood for research. Even if you are unable to donate blood to the Red Cross, you still may be able to donate blood for research.

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