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Stillbirth Research

Stillbirth and preterm birth share similar causal pathways with approximately 25 per cent of stillbirths–resulting from spontaneous preterm labour birth­–often being associated with infection and ruptured membranes prior to the onset of labour.

In the 'stillbirth and preterm birth prevention' group research is underway to determine more clearly infectious agents in stillbirth. Studies are planned to compare factors associated with spontaneous preterm livebirths and stillbirths to advance our understanding of aetiological pathways.

The team also conducts a number of Cochrane Systematic Reviews and randomised control trials in preterm birth prevention.

To access data from our research studies, please contact Aleena Wojcieszek.

Major projects

  • The Lancet stillbirth series
  • The stillbirth research collaborative to reduce stillbirth and improve care for parents
  • Epidemiology of unexplained fetal deaths in Australia
  • Autopsy examination for stillborn babies
  • Decreased fetal movements in pregnancy
  • Midwives survey–reduced fetal movements
  • Fetal movements: a survey of pregnant women
  • Birthweight models