We ask the questions and find the answers that save lives

Mission and Vision


Based on a commitment to academic medicine, Mater Research is a world class institute which aims to discover, develop, translate, and commercialise medical research that integrates with relevant areas of excellence with Mater.

Mercy Values

Mater Research wholeheartedly commits to the Mercy Values, which were derived from its founders, the Sisters of Mercy:

  • Mercy – The spirit of giving to one another.
  • Dignity – The sprit of humanity, respecting the worth of each person.
  • Care – The spirit of compassion.
  • Commitment – The spirit of integrity.
  • Quality – The spirit of professionalism.

Mater Research

In addition to the Mercy Values, Mater Research is committed to upholding the values relating to our scientific, medical and management mission:

  • Integrity - we conduct ourselves and our work honestly and ethically to build a culture of excellence.
  • Innovation - developing and extending knowledge to improve health.
  • Inspiration - educating and imparting knowledge to inspire each other and future generations. 
  • Engagement - fostering and encouraging teamwork, collaboration and commitment to the community.

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