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Dr Carrie Hillyard (Deputy Chair)

Dr Carrie Hillyard (Deputy Chair)

Dr Carrie Hillyard has a PhD from London University and is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. As co-founder of CM Capital she has led the Life Sciences practice at CM Capital for over 10 years. Her previous experience was in medical and diagnostics research in the UK and Australia.

Carrie has published over 100 research papers, mainly in the fields of calcium regulation and diagnostics. An inventor of a number of patents, Carrie has been involved in the complete product lifecycle, responsible for the development of new products from basic research to commercialisation. Through her company, Bionetworks, she has provided mentoring to entrepreneurs and assistance with the commercialisation of research, business planning, licensing and intellectual property issues to small companies and academic institutions.

As a member of a number of Federal and State government boards and advisory bodies, Carrie provides advice on the development of the biotechnology and venture capital industries and currently serves on the board of CathRx Ltd. Awarded a Centenary medal in 2003, Carrie has bought her experience to the Mater Research Board since 2007.


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